Skylark (Sketching Library)  0.1
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/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Skylark/workspace/algorithms/Krylov/LSQR.hpp File Reference
#include "../../base/base.hpp"
#include "../../utility/elem_extender.hpp"
#include "../../utility/typer.hpp"
#include "../../utility/external/print.hpp"
#include "precond.hpp"
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namespace  skylark
namespace  skylark::nla


template<typename MatrixType , typename RhsType , typename SolType >
int skylark::nla::LSQR (const MatrixType &A, const RhsType &B, SolType &X, iter_params_t params=iter_params_t(), const precond_t< SolType > &R=id_precond_t< SolType >())